shapelib 1.4.0RC1 available

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shapelib 1.4.0RC1 available

Even Rouault-2



(CC'ing gdal-dev as well, since [hidden email] has likely lower audience)


I've prepared a release candidate for shapelib 1.4.0.


The changes are:

<b>Release 1.4.0</b>:


<li> Old Makefile build replaced by autoconf/automake (by Sandro Mani)

<li> CMake build system added (by Alan W. Irwin)

<li> Added read support for ESRI .sbn spatial index

<li> Resynchronization with GDAL's Shapefile driver. Mostly cleanups.

SHPObject and DBFInfo structures extended with new members

<li> Add DBFSetLastModifiedDate() to modify the update date in the .dbf

<li> Add SHPSetFastModeReadObject() to read faster (but shapes got that way

share state in the handle, so only one shape at a time can be used)

<li> Add SHPRestoreSHX() to recreate a missing .shx from the .shp and


<li> Write DBF end-of-file character 0x1A by default.

This behaviour can be controlled with the DBFSetWriteEndOfFileChar()




The tarballs are available at:


Please test and report if there are serious issues.





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