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Adriano Hantequeste Gomes-2
Hi All,

I put this code im my Aplication.php:

if ( $http_form_vars["nome_b"])
        // the parcel number to query for
        $szParcelNumber = $http_form_vars["nome_b"];

        // the current extents will be the default if we fail.
        $oExtents = $oMapSession->oMap->extent;

        //first we need a handle on the layer, let's assume that we have
        //it's name
        $oParcelLayer = $oMapSession->oMap->getLayerByName( "Bairros" );

        // set up the layer for a query in ms 3.6 - in 3.7 we don't need
        // to do this, we can just use querybyattribute. Here we assume
        // that the data file associated with the layer has an attribute
        // called parcel_number that we are querying.
        $oParcelLayer->set( "filteritem", "Nummer" );

        // use querybyattribute to generate the result, assume a single
        // one for simplicity but this can be extended to multiple
        // results easily

        //now check to see if there are any results?
        if ($oParcelLayer->getNumResults() > 0 )
                //at least one result, assume only one for this example
                $oResult = $oParcelLayer->getResult( 0 );

                //oResult is a resultCacheMemberObj
                $oShape = $oParcelLayer->getShape($oResult->tileindex,$oResult->shapeindex);
                $oExtents = $oShape->bounds;

                //at this point we might add a buffer to the extents
                $nXBuffer = ( $oExtents->maxx - $oExtents->minx )*0.05;
                $nYBuffer = ( $oExtents->maxy - $oExtents->miny )*0.05;
                $nMinX = $oExtents->minx - $nXBuffer;
                $nMaxX = $oExtents->maxx + $nXBuffer;
                $nMinY = $oExtents->miny - $nYBuffer;
                $nMaxY = $oExtents->maxy + $nYBuffer;
                $oExtents->setextent( $nMinX, $nMinY, $nMaxX, $nMaxY );

        // now use $oMapNavigator to navigate to the parcel
        // location. There are two useful options now. We
        // can zoom to a rectangle which we have calculated or
        // to a point and scale. Let's assume we have calculated
        // a rectangle and put a buffer around it if necessary.


        $oMapNavigator->zoomRectangle($px1, $py2, $px2, $py1);

        // alternately if it's a point and a scale ...
        //$oMapNavigator->zoomScale( 1000, 100, 100 );


When i query retur this error:

Warning: Wrong parameter count for ms_layer_obj::open() in
D:\ms4w\apps\maplab-2.2.1\projects\gmf_apps\Geo\Geo.php on line 880

Fatal error: [MapServer Error]: msLayerGetShape(): Shapefile layer has
not been opened. in
D:\ms4w\apps\maplab-2.2.1\projects\gmf_apps\Geo\Geo.php on line 881

Adriano Hantequeste Gomes
CREA 080047648-4
Departamento de Geoprocessamento - GEO
Gerência de Estatística e Analise Criminal - GEAC
Secretaria de Estado da Segurança Pública e Defesa Social - SESP
Av. Marechal Mascarenhas de Moraes, 2355
Bento Ferreira - Vitória - Espírito Santo
CEP: 29.052-121
Telefone: 55 27 3334-4736
Fax:       55 27 3334-4735
Celular:   55 27 9225-4852

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