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looking for cartoweb developers

habib salhi
Dear all.. im looking for cartoweb developer that is ready for some freelancing work..

the default demoEdit function include adding points, lines and polygons.. we require the ability to draw a point.. add certain parameters and draw an isosceles triangle (2 equal sides and angles) based on the entered parameters and starting from the point drawn.. parameters will be (start angle and the rest shown here http://mathworld.wolfram.com/IsoscelesTriangle.html)
The point will be inserted to the database together with the other parameters and the triangle will be drawn with the "outline" so the actual triangle doesnt get stored in postgis but rather drawn on the spot based on the starting point (the point) and the other parameters..

This will be a proof of concept for a bigger project that can be launched based on the success of the above..

please write back to [hidden email]

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