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locate-plugin + query result table

Stefan Neumeier
  Dear all,

is there any possibility to trigger a query-request together with the
locate request so that one gets back a table with the attributes of the
feature located?
I know this question has been asked before, but maybe someone of you
figured out how to do this in the meantime.

I am using the locate plugin together with cartoweb's hilight function.
If I am right this already invokes the ServerQuery.php so it should in
principle be possible to trigger a queryByIdSelection inside the
queryLayer function before the hilight function is executed. But
unfortunately I can not figure out how, as setting the ids in
$querySelection->selectedIds 'manually' only results in an error...

(What I can do is creating a new  querySelection instance BUT then I get
the result table twice, nothing is hilighted and the normal query
function gets disabled...)

Best regards,
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