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guo guo
I am a greenhand for Mapserver and I install the FGS use the Installer in my CentOS. I choose all the default configurations. But  when I try to start Fgs .Errors occured.

> [root@localhost fgs]# [root@localhost fgs]# fgs start
> -bash: [root@localhost: command not found
> [root@localhost fgs]# + Starting 'apache':
> -bash: +: command not found
> [root@localhost fgs]# httpd: Syntax error on line 376 of /opt/fgs/www/conf/live.httpd.conf: Syntax eor on line 7 of /opt/fgs/www/conf.d/php5.conf: Cannot load /opt/fgs/www/ into server: /lib/ version `GLIBC_2.7' not found (requireby /opt/fgs/lib/
> > + Starting 'pgsql':

> > server starting

How can I  solve it .  Thanks a lots.

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