branching off the ka-map tile code?

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branching off the ka-map tile code?


its been a while with no activity - in fact, the most active  
development around ka-Map has happened in the OpenLayers space with  
patches coming in for tile.php and precache.php, and updates to the ka-
Map layer support.

Given that there is no activity in ka-Map right now, I'd like to  
suggest that we branch off the tile management PHP scripts into a  
separate project, perhaps as a google code project so we can access a  
more friendly community environment (nothing against maptools but it  
is hard for me to remember how to add users and to update the web site  

I know that the OpenLayers folks are not particularly happy keeping  
copies of the various kaMap php code around and would like it out of  
their repository.




    Paul Spencer
    Chief Technology Officer
    DM Solutions Group Inc

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