Shapelib 1.3.0 Released

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Shapelib 1.3.0 Released

Frank Warmerdam-2

The last formal release of Shapelib was, according to the ChangeLog,
was 1.2.10 in April of 2003.  It looks like I started producing 1.3.0 alpha
releases sometime in 2007 and then some beta releases but for one
reason or another I didn't actually push out Shapelib 1.3.0 final.  There
didn't seem to be problems with the beta of shapelib 1.3.0 last fall so
rather than hold another beta round now, I've decided to just cut and
declare a release data in the spirit of "release early, release often". :-)

I'm not sure how to login to to refresh the web site any
more so hopefully the refresh from cvs scripts will kick in soon.  But
in any event the new release code is available at:

Major work since 1.2.10 includes:

* Major rework to us application provided hooks for file io, and error
reporting (SAHooks).
* Added contrib/Shape_PointInPoly.cpp from Marko Podgorsek.
* Added shapelib tools documentation from Eduardo Patto Kanegae.
* Added dbf deletion support.
* Added DBFAddNativeFieldType().
* Added DBFDeleteField(), DBFReorderFields() and DBFAlterFields() to
rework DBF schema.
*  likely a variety of other changes - it has been eight years since 1.2.10!

Best regards,
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