Resync from GDAL / preparation for a new release

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Resync from GDAL / preparation for a new release

Even Rouault-2



I've just committed in CVS a refresh from GDAL internal shapelib copy. This is the first commit in 3 years in shapelib CVS with lots of lines changed.




2016-12-04 Even Rouault <even.rouault at>


* shpopen.c, dbfopen.c, shptree.c, shapefil.h: resync with

GDAL Shapefile driver. Mostly cleanups. SHPObject and DBFInfo

structures extended with new members. New functions:

DBFSetLastModifiedDate, SHPOpenLLEx, SHPRestoreSHX,



* sbnsearch.c: new file to implement original ESRI .sbn spatial

index reading. (no write support). New functions:

SBNOpenDiskTree, SBNCloseDiskTree, SBNSearchDiskTree,

SBNSearchDiskTreeInteger, SBNSearchFreeIds


* Makefile,, CMakeLists.txt, shapelib.def: updates

with new file and symbols.


* commit: helper script to cvs commit


I've tested lightly standalone builds on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) and Windows (MSVC 2010 and 2015). More testing appreciated.


I'll probably wait a bit since I'll likely implement soon a change to write the end of file 0x1A marker that isn't done currently by shapelib.





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