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Lorenzo Becchi
as Björn  asked for more infos about the dLayer I'll post a demo here:

the code is in CSV but I already know a couple of bugs to be fixed.

a chat with Tyler maybe helps to understand how it works:

[01:44am] ominoverde: the idea is to let an admin to put as many layers
he wants without killing the browser of the client
[01:45am] ominoverde: you can check a differnet combination in the
dynamic part and click "reload"
[01:48am] TylerM: so layer "dlayer" is made up of my custom combination
from "dummy group x" ?
[01:48am] ominoverde: yep
[01:48am] TylerM: works well
[01:48am] TylerM: are you happy with performance?
[01:48am] ominoverde: more or less
[01:49am] ominoverde: now we have direct access to data so it take time
to create images
[01:49am] TylerM: So does the dlayer actually change on the server for
the session?
[01:49am] ominoverde: yes, it's session related
[01:49am] TylerM: and server re-serves a new combination of layers?
[01:49am] TylerM: cool
[01:50am] ominoverde: but if you don't change and want to navigate the
cache remains there
[01:57am] TylerM: does old cache remain too, if I reset to previous
[01:58am] ominoverde: the old cache no, it's deleted
[01:58am] ominoverde: anyway base layers have their permanent cache

once ready I'll post on user list the demo

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