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Bistrais, Bob
We developed a few web mapping apps in ka-map.  While ka-map was good,
we ran into some performance issues among other things.  

Then we discovered GeoMoose.  This uses MapServer and OpenLayers.  We
are very happy with it.  As it stands now, our former ka-map apps were
either migrated to GeoMoose, or will be.  In addition, we have a couple
of apps currently in ArcGIS Server which will be rewritten in GeoMoose.

I know it's a pain to have to do all that work again, to migrate your
apps, but it seems that GeoMoose will give you the benefits of ka-map
and more, and it has an active community and future.

Bob Bistrais, GISP
Maine Office of GIS
Augusta, ME

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>From what I understand, ka-map development is basically done, as most
everyone has migrated to openlayers.

I have nothing against openlayers, but I first started with ka-map and I
really like it. I have a large website I started developing in ka-map
last year, and it's going to be released soon, so I don't want to
migrate. I am writing to see if there are others out there still using
ka-map that would like to see the project continue, possibly by forking
/ creating a sourceforge project.

I look forward to hearing from you.

--John Jackson
--Deputy Auditor
--Franklin County, Ohio
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