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Re: [MS4W-Users] Postgres error with FGS-Ubuntu

Fernando Sánchez García wrote:
> (apache-php-mapserver-chameleon-postgresql). After installing
> everything and the pgadmin3 have a problem is that when running from a
> terminal window: sudo su postgres "user to connect to postgres and the
> password change after I get the following error:" Can not execute /
> sbin / nologin: No such file or directory ". I need to change your
> password because I do not know and adding a connection to the server
> on pgadmin asks me. Please someone I might lend a hand.

First thing you post your message to the wrong list.  You should have
post to the FGS list:  fgs-list <[hidden email]>

There is no password set by defaut when install Postgresql-server from
FGS.  You can add one when you create you db.  Here are the correct
steps to create a DB within FGS.

    Install FGS from Web
    Go to your FGS installation root directory and do "."
    Do "FGS start"
    Execute : createdb yourdb
    Execute : createlang plpgsql yourdb
    Execute : psql -f ..\share\contrib\lwpostgis.sql yourdb
    Execute : psql -f ..\share\contrib\spatial_ref_sys.sql yourdb
    Execute : createuser -P -s -R -d yourusername
    Enter the password : "yourpassword"
    Execute : psql -d yourdb -U yourusername -f /path/to/yourdata.sql

To use pgadmin3 on an Ubuntu OS environment, install it with "sudo
apt-get install pgadmin3".  Start pgadmin3 and click on the "connect"
icon.  Enter the following information:

Name:  what ever you want
Host:  localhost (or the ip of the server)
Port:  5432 (or your port number)
Maintenance DB:  postgres
Username:  yourusername
Password:  yourpassword

Click 'ok'


Note:  If your the host is not 'localhost' you have to edit pg_hba.conf
to add:

# IPv4 local connections:
host    all         all        md5
# IPv6 local connections:
host    all         all         ::ffff: md5

and modify three lines in postgresql.conf to be:

listen_addresses = 'localhost,'

port = yourport

password_encryption = on

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