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Iprovement suggestions of the libtiff documentation

Vincent Torri

i've experienced some problems with the display of a TIFF file that I
have described in my previous mail in this mailing list. Even if this
problem is solved, i would like to suggest 2 improvements :

1) Olivier Paquet mentioned that the man page of TIFFRGBAImageGet() says:

"(Note that the raster is assume to be organized such that the pixel
at location (x,y) is raster[y*width+x]; with the raster origin in the
lower-left hand corner.)"

This comment, which is imho important, is lost in a big paragraph.
Maybe you should use a bold font to emphasize this comment and/or add
it to the "Note" section

2) to solve my problem, i have followed Mickey Rose's suggestion :

"After you intiialize the TIFFRGBAImage structure with TIFFRGBAImageBegin,
set img->req_orientation = ORIENTATION_TOPLEFT (it defaults to BOTLEFT).
TIFFRGBAImageGet will then output the top row first."

I think that such comment should be in the libtiff documentation

best regards

Vincent Torri
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