GeoMoose 2.2 over FGS 9.5 on Ubuntu

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GeoMoose 2.2 over FGS 9.5 on Ubuntu

Mark Volz
GeoMoose 2.2 over FGS 9.5 on Ubuntu


I am having trouble getting GeoMOOSE 2.2 to run on FGS 9.5 v 5.4.2.  I have installed FGS, and GeoMoose.  However, I am unable to create PDF maps, and make shapefiles,which is used by GeoMOOSE to buffer areas.  I noticed that there are modules that I can download on the FGS site to update functionality.  However, I am assuming those modules are build for version 5.6.3, which is incompatible with GeoMoose.

Should I need to update any packages to get PDF and Buffering (shapefile creation) to work?  Or is there something else I can do to get the site up and running?

Mark Volz

GIS Specialist

Lyon County, MN


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