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FGS Linux - PHP question


Hi list


I installed FGS Linux installer version 5.4.0 beta 4 in June 2010. It has been working fine since then but now I am in the process of upgrading my web site to incorporate a MySQL database and I encountered a PHP problem that I am not sure of the best way to fix. The PHP version that came with FGS is 5.2.5 and by using info.php I can see that it is not configured to support MySQL.


As I see it my choices are:


1.       Upgrade the existing PHP 5.2.5 to incorporate MySQL support

2.       Re-install FGS using the current version, which I see incorporates PHP base 5.2.9 (I assume this is configured to support MySQL???)


Maybe there are other options, but being fairly inexperienced in Linux I am looking for the easiest method with least disruption to the existing website. Can anyone offer me any advice?  


Chris Green


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