COM.Geo 2012: Program At-A-Glance, USGS Keynote, Microsoft Mobile/Cloud Computing Workshop & Contest Q/A

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COM.Geo 2012: Program At-A-Glance, USGS Keynote, Microsoft Mobile/Cloud Computing Workshop & Contest Q/A

Andrew Clark-8
News | COM.Geo 2012: The 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Computing for Geospatial Research & Application (Washington, DC, June 2010)

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COM.Geo 2012 Conference

COM.Geo 2012 Conference Program At-A-Glance

COM.Geo 2012 conference program includes many diverse sessions and events: Keynotes/featured notes, technical papers, tech talks, demo talks, courses, panels, panels+, workshops, brainstorm corner, boot camps, demo show, posters, exhibition, exhibitor talks, job fair, receptions, banquets, National Air and Space Museum, USA's Independent Day Celebration, family activities, etc.

COM.Geo 2012 USGS Keynote: Science in Times of Crisis: Delivering Situational Awareness to Emergency Managers and the Public When Disaster Strikes

Dr. David Applegate, Associate Director for Natural Hazards, USGS

Chair for NSTC's Subcommittee on Disaster Reduction for the White House Office

When the White House National Science and Technology Council laid out a series of grand challenges for disaster reduction, the first was to provide hazard and disaster information where and when it is needed. Earth observation and monitoring capabilities are only as good as their ability to reach those in harm's way and inform those who must respond when disaster strikes. At the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), our scientists work on many different natural hazards across the US and around the globe in close collaboration with federal, state and academic partners. Read more >>

COM.Geo 2012 Keynote: Computational Intelligence and Neuromorphic Computing Potential for Geospatial R&A

Dr. Robinson E. Pino, Senior Scientist, ICF International

In today’s highly mobile, networked, and interconnected internet world, the flow and volume of information is overwhelming and continuously increasing. Therefore, it is believed that the next frontier in technological evolution and development will rely on our ability to develop intelligent systems that can help us process, analyze, and make-sense of information autonomously just as a well trained and educated human expert. Read more >>

Microsoft Window 8 Mobile/Cloud Computing Workshop
Microsoft Mobile American Contest Q/A

At COM.Geo 2012, Please join us to learn how to create Windows 8 Metro Style applications. We will also discuss how to create Windows Phone and Windows Azure cloud computing applications.
For attendees who are interested to participate in the Mobile America contest, we will provide a Q/A session at the end of the workshop. >>

Conference Advance Registration by June 15 -- Save up $100

World Class Attractions for Attendee Family Members

 Several world-class attractions are close to the conference venue, such as National Air and Space Museum's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center. USA's Independent Day Celebration, and many more. The conference also provides Boot Camps for the attendee family members for free.


Conference Hotel Reservation -- Cut-Off Day on June 8th

Book your hotel early before peak of travel season, USA's Birthday, July 4th, Independence Day, at a great discounted conference rate $136 with other benefits to save the most money and ensure your first choice of accommodations. >>


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About COM.Geo

Computing for Geospatial Research Institute (COM.Geo) is one of the leading-edge geospatial computing research organizations in the world. COM.Geo is playing a guiding role to advancing the technologies in computing for geospatial research and application fields. COM.Geo R&D focuses on the latest computing technologies for multidisciplinary research and development that enables the exploration in geospatial areas. COM.Geo training center offers the most up-to-date training for working professionals to boost their technical knowledge and skills of computing for geospatial technology. COM.Geo conference is an exclusive international event that connects researchers, developers, scientists, and application users from academia, government, and industry in both computing and geospatial fields.

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