COM.Geo 2012 Oracle Keynote: Big Data and Advanced Spatial Analytics

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COM.Geo 2012 Oracle Keynote: Big Data and Advanced Spatial Analytics

Andrew Clark-8
News | COM.Geo 2012: The 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Computing for Geospatial Research & Application (Washington, DC, June 2010)

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COM.Geo 2012 Conference

COM.Geo 2012 Keynote (6) -- Oracle Keynote:
Big Data and Advanced Spatial Analytics

Dr. Xavier Lopez


Spatial & Semantic Technologies

Today’s business and government organizations are challenged when trying to manage and analyze information from enterprise databases, streaming servers, social media and open source. This is compounded by the complexity of integrating diverse data types (relational, text, spatial, images, spreadsheets) and their representations (customers, products, suppliers, events, and locations) – all of which need to be understood and re-purposed in different contexts. Identifying meaningful patterns across these different information sources is non-trivial. Moreover, conventional IT tools, such as conventional data warehousing and business intelligence alone, are insufficient at handling the volumes, velocity and variety of content at hand. A new framework and associated tools are needed. Dr. Lopez outlines how data scientists and analysts are applying Spatial and Semantic Web concepts to make sense of this Big Data stream. He will describe new approaches oriented toward search, discovery, linking, and analyzing information on the Web, and throughout the enterprise. The role of Map Reduce is described, as is importance of engineered systems to simplify the creation and configuration of Big Data environments. The key take away is use of spatial and linked open data concepts to enhance content alignment, interoperability, discovery and analytics in the Big Data stream. >>


COM.Geo2012 Panels on Hot Computing Technologies and Applications

COM.Geo is organizing several interesting panels related to Big Data Computing & Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing, GPU/GPGPU Computing, Sensor Computing / Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Computing for Defense, Big Data Computing for Transportation / Traffic, etc.


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About COM.Geo

Computing for Geospatial Research Institute (COM.Geo) is one of the leading-edge geospatial computing research organizations in the world. COM.Geo is playing a guiding role to advancing the technologies in computing for geospatial research and application fields. COM.Geo R&D focuses on the latest computing technologies for multidisciplinary research and development that enables the exploration in geospatial areas. COM.Geo training center offers the most up-to-date training for working professionals to boost their technical knowledge and skills of computing for geospatial technology. COM.Geo conference is an exclusive international event that connects researchers, developers, scientists, and application users from academia, government, and industry in both computing and geospatial fields.

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