COM.Geo 2012 Highlight: Sensor Computing for Geospatial

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COM.Geo 2012 Highlight: Sensor Computing for Geospatial

Andrew Clark-8
News | COM.Geo 2011: The 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Computing for Geospatial Research & Application (Washington, DC, June 2010)

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COM.Geo 2012 Conference

COM.Geo 2012 Highlights: Sensor Computing for Geospatial

Sensors Everywhere! An increasing number of pervasive and connected sensors are intelligently monitoring our daily lives. Sensors are gathering and reporting data on a variety of areas including transportation, energy, security, medical, general consumer and industrial manufacturing. This sensor revolution is creating a new layer of the Internet -- "Internet of Things".
What will be a world characterized by sensors everywhere? How to handle sensor data explosion in such a world? At COM.Geo 2011, the workshop, Expanding Geoweb to An Internet of Things, was introduced. This year, COM.Geo 2012 will further bring more new thoughts to explore sensor computing for geospatial research and application. >>

COM.Geo 2012 Proceedings Published by ACM

COM.Geo 2012 proceedings will be published by ACM and appear in the ACM Digital Library as all the previous COM.Geo conference proceedings for worldwide distribution. >>

COM.Geo 2012 Call For Submissions

COM.Geo 2012 is inviting you to submit your research or application work to the multiple program sessions, such as full papers, short papers, courses, panels, tech talks, demo talks, posters, workshops, invited sessions, etc. Suggested topics include all computing, geospatial, and related applications.   >>

Invitation to Sponsor & Exhibit in Washington DC

At COM.Geo 2012, your organization can not only attract diverse attendees from all over the world, but also be well positioned and highly visible for department managers and decision makers from government agencies. Take advantage of these great promotional opportunities and select the level of sponsorship best suited for your organization. >>

COM.Geo 2012 Important Dates

Invited Sessions and Workshops Submission Deadline Jan. 23, 2012
Full Papers Proposal Submission Deadline Mar. 5, 2012
Short Papers Proposal Submission Deadline Mar. 12, 2012
Courses Proposal Submission Deadline Apr. 9, 2012
Tech Talks / Posters Abstract Submission Deadline Apr. 9, 2012
Panels / Panels+ Abstract Submission Deadline Apr. 9, 2012
Demo Talks / Posters Abstract Submission Deadline Apr. 23, 2012
Sponsor & Exhibit Application Deadline May. 30, 2012
Conference Dates July 1-3, 2012


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About COM.Geo Institute

Computing for Geospatial Research Institute (COM.Geo Institute) is one of the leading-edge geospatial computing research organizations in the world. COM.Geo institute offers R&D, training courses and certificate program, and conferences. Now COM.Geo is playing a guiding role to advancing the technologies in computing for geospatial research and application fields. COM.Geo R&D focuses on the latest computing technologies for multidisciplinary research and development that enables the exploration in geospatial areas. COM.Geo training center offers the most up-to-date training for working professionals to boost their technical knowledge and skills of computing for geospatial technology. The training courses and certificate program is for a multitude of backgrounds and professions. COM.Geo conference is an exclusive international event that connects researchers, developers, scientists, and application users from academia, government, and industry in both computing and geospatial fields.

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