COM.Geo 2011 Spotlights - Mobile GIS, Digital Earth on iPad, US FCC Keynote...

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COM.Geo 2011 Spotlights - Mobile GIS, Digital Earth on iPad, US FCC Keynote...

Andrew Clark-8
News | COM.Geo 2011: The 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Computing for Geospatial Research & Application (Washington, DC, June 2010) <script type='text/javascript'> dateFuture = new Date(2011,4,24,0,0,0); function GetCount(){ dateNow = new Date(); //grab current date amount = dateFuture.getTime() - dateNow.getTime(); //calc milliseconds between dates delete dateNow; // time is already past if(amount < 0){ document.getElementById('countdown_days').innerHTML='Now!'; } // date is still good else{ days=0;hours=0;mins=0;secs=0;out=''; amount = Math.floor(amount/1000);//kill the 'milliseconds' so just secs days=Math.floor(amount/86400);//days amount=amount%86400; if(days != 0){out += days +' days';} document.getElementById('countdown_days').innerHTML=out; setTimeout('GetCount()', 1000); } } window.onload=GetCount;//call when everything has loaded </script>

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COM.Geo 2011 Conference

COM.Geo 2011 Spotlight:

Mobile Geospatial - Digital Earth on Mobile Phones and iPads

Surf the World from Your Lap - Intelesense Demonstrates IVJ-Mobile on iPad

IVJ-Mobile from Intelesense Technologies is now running on the Apple iPad (as well as iPhone and Android devices), and provides access to over 1M layers of geospatial data at your fingertips from anywhere. Inteleview is built on top of the NASA WorldWind core engine, but.. >>

Service-Oriented Interactive 3D Visualization of Massive 3D City Models on Thin Clients

This talk presents a system architecture for service-oriented, interactive 3D visualization of massive 3D city models on thin clients such as mobile phones and tablets... >>

Northrop Grumman's Invited Talks on Mobile GIS

1) A Comparison of Mobile GIS Development Options on Smart Phone Platforms; 2) Situation and Incident Reporting System (SIReS)

OGC Keynote - GeoWeb on Mobile Internet

Mobile devices will be the predominant method to access the Internet. Using mobile GeoWeb devices embedded in the world enables an augmented understanding of our geospatial reality... >>

U.S. FCC Keynote - National Broadband Map

Broadband access and availability to every American is a key pillar of this administration. Congress authorized the development and maintenance of the National Broadband Map... >>

More Talks on Mobile Geospatial...

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About COM.Geo Conference

COM.Geo Conference is the international conference and exhibition on computing for geospatial research and application with a focus on the latest computing technologies for multidisciplinary research and development that enables the exploration in geospatial areas. COM.Geo Conference is an exclusive event that connects researchers, developers, scientists, and application users from academia, government, and industry in both computing and geospatial fields. Innovative research and application technologies are the brightest spotlights at COM.Geo conference. COM.Geo is one of the pioneers to boost development of computing and geospatial technologies.

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