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Accepted Papers, Tech Talks, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Workshop

Andrew Clark-8
News | COM.Geo 2011: The 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Computing for Geospatial Research & Application (Washington, DC, June 2010)

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COM.Geo 2011 Conference

Accepted Papers

All the full papers (up to 10 pages) and short papers (up to 6 pages) have been well reviewed. Competitive accepted papers will be published by ACM and available in ACM Digital Library for world distribution.

Accepted Tech Talks, Posters, Demo Talks

The accepted Tech Talks (300-word abstracts or 2-page extended abstracts), posters, and demo talks can be  found here.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Workshop

Are you interested to write an application or a game and make it available on Windows Phone 7 devices through Microsoft’s Marketplace? At the workshop, we will demonstrate how you can build Windows Phone 7 applications or games, what tools are available, what public sector specific applications have been created, how you can publish your applications, etc. We will answer any questions you may have about Windows Phone 7. So come on over and join us in this fun workshop. Bring your computer if you like. Or, you can play with our demo phones and pre-installed applications.  

Call for Posters/Demo Talks - Deadline April 10, 2011

Please follow the Posters and Demo Talks submission guidelines to submit your proposal into the COM.Geo conference system.

Invitation to Sponsor & Exhibit

COM.Geo 2011 offers organizations maximum exposure and recognition with this great event. Take advantage of these great promotional opportunities and select the level of sponsorship best suited for your organization. >>

Early Registration Deadline -- April 10, 2011  (Save up to $200)

COM.Geo 2011 conference online registration is open. The Early Registration deadline is April 10, 2011. The Conference Banquet with a plenary session will be held on the exceptional and unforgettable Odyssey Cruise in Washington DC.

COM.Geo Job Fair for Government, Industry, and Academia

COM.Geo Jobs Site Open -- Free Posting and Browsing

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About COM.Geo Conference

COM.Geo Conference is the international conference and exhibition on computing for geospatial research and application with a focus on the latest computing technologies for multidisciplinary research and development that enables the exploration in geospatial areas. COM.Geo Conference is an exclusive event that connects researchers, developers, scientists, and application users from academia, government, and industry in both computing and geospatial fields. Innovative research and application technologies are the brightest spotlights at COM.Geo conference. COM.Geo is one of the pioneers to boost development of computing and geospatial technologies.

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